As close to evolution as a band like this will get

Chicago deathcore heavy weights Oceano have always been one of the ‘take or leave’ bands that cropped up around the same time as so many others in the early 00s.

But with this album set to be a continuation of sorts from previous album Ascendants, Oceano have a grand prog like story to tell.

Growing with every release is something this band has achieved with some success, without ever getting the fans offside. Here they continue to combine crushing downtuned heaviness with breakdowns and a groove that you can nod your head to, all while destroying your hearing.

The music has always been a vehicle for Adam Warren’s unbelievable vocal abilities and lyrical story-telling in chapters barely able to make the three minute mark.  Vocals that can become an inaudible deathly gargle like on ‘Human Harvest’ or ‘Dark Prophecy’, to high piercing shrieks are scattered throughout the album. Where the music does shine is where Oceano try to change the pace of the music a little, best displayed on ‘Final Form’ or ‘The Event’,  the former with its creepy guitar intro, before sinking into a track that sound like it belongs on Hypocrisy’s The Final Chapter album.

Revelation closes on their most experimental note with the title track’s very djent driven sound, and just the right amount of clean/spoken word vocals to bring this chapter of the story to an understandable close.

This really is as close to evolution as you will get from a band like this, and that probably isn’t a bad thing. The average fan will have enough to get their head around conceptually, let alone if they went full prog nerd and attempted an Opeth-like evolution.

1. Dark Prophecy
2. Lucid Reality
3. Path to Extinction
4. The Great Tribulation
5. Illusions Unravel
6. Majestic 12
7. Final Form
8. The Event
9. Human Harvest
10. Revelation