Mid-paced melodic death metal groove with little variation

Let’s cut right to the chase with this one – Once Human promised a lot more than they have delivered here.

It might be churlish to expect a figure like Logan Mader to have come up with something somewhat less generic and more unpredictable than Evolution but he’s been around a long time. He’s a talented man. He really should be capable of more.

The crux of problem is right there in the title. Evolution doesn’t take its name from the tracklisting. It is part of the band’s own stated goal for their sophomore release to expand and develop the sound of their first – and yet it doesn’t. Once Human’s second album is essentially mid-paced melodic death metal groove with little variation. It’s like Arch Enemy if Michael Amott quit and they replaced him with literally no one. Remember how flat and lifeless that band’s War Eternal album was? Now imagine that but without any shredding and occasional outbreaks of down-tuned groove instead. ‘Drain’ makes a play to be interesting late in the game, but even this sounds like a tepid Fear Factory rip off. If this was a band of newish talent breaking onto the scene with a debut, it would be decent – but this is a band with Logan Mader in it, a band he built from the ground up. A band that’s on their second album. It really should be better than the scenester metal presented here.

1. Flock of Flesh
2. Eye of Chaos
3. Mass Murder Frenzy
4. Gravity
5. Dark Matter
6. Paragon
7. Drain
8. Killers for the Crime
9. Passenger