The price of entry for the next generation

Hailing from Canada, Oni are a modern metal/metalcore band, the kind that are a gateway for younger listeners to find their way through the murky waters of heavier and heavier music until they invariably land on one of your favourite bands.

The Lie is taking no prisoners in its approach, buckling up the listener for a heavy ride. Unfortunately any positive energy is quickly lost with the follow up Against My Sins as the music quickly changes gear into American hard rock territory. A change in pace this quick, while showing what the band is capable of, creates a disjointed feeling this early on.

As if picking up on this, the music quickly changes back to heavier territory on Secrets featuring the might of the great Iggy Pop and Randy Blythe to add weight in a musical and metaphorical sense. This is without doubt the best track on the album with its mix of elements of both what the band are trying to achieve and the light shone upon the track by the additional vocalists.

From here Oni continue to throw whatever they want at the musical palette as Awaken goes solely for the throat or Heart To Stone dips its toe back into hard rock ballad type territory. This formula of heavy followed by softer track weaves its way until acoustic closer Golden feels safe enough to show your mum that not all the music you listen to is angry. This is all of course with the exception of the heartburn-inducing War Ender. I am all for bands trying new things, but whatever is going on here with the ball scratching rap drivel in the middle is beyond out of place with everything else that the album tries to achieve.

Really though, we all found heavy music in all of its glorious forms differently. Oni are the price of entry for the next generation, and they are doing a decent job of it. It might not suit an older listener but if you got younglings around that find your current set too heavy, this will no doubt help draw them in.

1. The Lie
2. Against My Sins
3. Secrets
4. Awaken
5. War Ender
6. Heart To Stone
7. Battery Tomb
8. Sequence Static
9. Gasoline
10. Golden