A distinct lack of anything that sticks in the mind

Starting life as a nu-metal band and slowly becoming a straight up hard rock act, Papa Roach has tried to always stay musically relevant and damn the consequences. This album brings the band back almost full circle.

An opening 1-2 of ‘Break The Fall’ and ‘Crooked Teeth’ both bring an early 00s nu-metal feel that this band excelled at on their first two albums. Rapped verses and bouncy choruses abound, if sadly a little forgettable in the lyric department, but again that hasn’t been a strong suit of the band for a long time.

‘My Medication’ begins with a soft vocal approach, before a more modern hard rock guitar riff boots in and then just when things are looking good, Jacoby Shaddix begins rapping the verse again. It feels out of place when the music behind him sounds like a solid hard rock ballad.

Crooked Teeth feels more like a band reaching for former glories, than one trying to achieve new sounds. There are interesting sounds here and there, but really, none of it sticks. Fans of the early stuff will stay there, and the fans they gained with the hard rock sound will generally fail to catch what Papa Roach are trying to throw around here.

This is an album of singles from different generations of the same band. There is no flow, and nothing to keep the average listener attentive for the 40+minute run time of the album, with the only real stand out tracks being wedged in the middle of the running order: ‘Help’ with its bouncy almost pop-punk sound and the others with guests Skylar Grey and Machine Gun Kelly, ‘Periscope’ and ‘Sunrise Trailer Park’

While Papa Roach have tried to remain current, it just doesn’t feel like it worked out here. A distinct lack of anything that sticks in the mind to keep you coming back.

1. Break the Fall
2. Crooked Teeth
3. My Medication
4. Born for Greatness
5. American Dreams
6. Periscope
7. Help
8. Sunrise Trailer Park
9. Traumatic
10. None of the Above
11. Ricochet
12. Nothing
13. Bleeding Through