Unmemorable modern alt-rock

Once nu-metal darlings Papa Roach have grown and expanded their sound in ways both positive and negative depending on who you are and what you like to listen to. Who Do You Trust? is album number 10 for the band and sure to be another interesting affair for a band that appear to revel in changing things up.

‘The Ending’ is a big slow burning opener that uses a stomping drum beat to great effect, but feels very lacklustre for an album opener. Fuff like this is typically the hand brake in the middle, with more rock in it than this band have been known to do across recent releases.

‘Renegade Music’ sees Papa Roach comfortably slip into a nu-metal rap style track that will have everyone at their often riotous live gigs bouncing along and singing the simple chorus refrain. All the while the kids that can’t yet get to a gig can find some solace in this simple bouncy call to arms.

They hit full 1999 again with the title track, and like earlier it works fairly well with the right amount of bounce and rap styled flow that feels like Stray From The Path, only with less direction and a big electronic noise in the background. The next couple of tracks failed to hold any interest through repeated listens and constantly saw the skip button getting a workout.

‘Feel Like Home’ brings the feel good stadium rock back to the fold and makes a solid attempt to right the album.  Sadly, it is too far gone though with every track being so different to the one before it that it creates a total lack of any flow whatsoever making Who Do You Trust? very difficult to get into.

Towards the end ‘I Suffer Well’ gives one good last blast, and is completely different from everything else here, powerful like a piece of early 80s Discharge, making it stand out in a way that makes me wonder what a short sharp album of this quality from the band would be like.

Sadly the music then sinks back into the mire of unmemorable and industrial modern alt-rock. That is begun with 3 or 4 solid decent tracks do not make for a good album.  Papa Roach might not sell a million albums if they get into playing more like they do here on ‘I Suffer Well’ or ‘Renegade Music’ but it sure as hell make for far better listening.

  1. The Ending
  2. Renegade Music
  3. Not the Only One
  4. Who Do You Trust?
  5. Elevate
  6. Come Around
  7. Feel Like Home
  8. Problems
  9. Top of the World
  10. I Suffer Well
  11. Maniac
  12. Better Than Life