Undeniably Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost has always been a band to buck trends and do things their way without conforming to whatever may be popular at the time.

32 years since their inception, the Yorkshiremen are still conscious of that mindset with the release of their 16th full length release Obsidian.

 Where their last album Medusa leaned towards a doom driven sound, there seems to be a more of a conscious effort to utilise more of their musical pallete on Obisidian.  When the acoustic guitars ring and Nick Holmes’ croon begin in the opener Darker Thoughts, feelings of familiarity, honesty and sincerity washes over, crashes into the riffs and stirs up a musical maelstrom.

Forsaken and Serenity are bursting at the seams with PL’s signature hooks, reminiscent of their early 00s output, Hope Dies Young hearkens back to a time where Icon and Draconian Times were king, Fall From Grace revisits the doom sound of Medusa, The Devil Embraced leads into atmospheric territories, Ghosts has an 80s goth rock feel (think Sisters Of Mercy) with a bouncing rhythm and Ravenghast closes the album in an epic cinematic-like odyssey with a bit of a blackened metal twist.

 As a whole, Obsidian feels like Paradise Lost bringing everything full circle, with a strong collective of material that is focused and consistent in its approach. Like a fine wine, Paradise Lost seem to be getting better with age and Obsidian comes from the perfect batch. It is undeniably Paradise Lost.

  1. Darker Thoughts
  2. Fall From Grace
  3. Ghosts
  4. The Devil Embraced
  5. Forsaken
  6. Serenity
  7. Ending Days
  8. Hope Dies Young
  9. Ravenghast