Created a release that could proudly sit aside their “classic” albums

Paradise Lost have done things their own way in their near 25-year existence.

From humble death-doom beginnings to the well lauded gothic metal period of Draconian Times and Icon, they then moved into the electronic/dance sphere with the controversial Host. Since the early 00s they have headed back towards gothic territory and on album thirteen, Tragic Idol, things have come full circle for the British quintet.

Opener “Solitary One” delivers a mid-tempo dirge riff with a straight forward beat and Gregor Mackintosh’s spiraling, biting melodic guitar passages. Nick Holmes’ vocal is both dark and gritty and yet drenched with melody. It certainly sounds like Paradise Lost.

Tracks like the emotive “Worth Fighting For”, “To the Darkness”, and the brooding missive “Honesty in Death” show Tragic Idol to have a similar vibe to the early days for which they are best reknown. “Theories from Another World” is a spotlight for new drummer Adrian Erlandsson’s versatile chops and closer “The Glorious End” feels like a funeral dirge. On the other side of the coin, the title track and “In This We Dwell” add some light to the darkness with atmosphere and ambience.

Jens Bogren’s production suits the material by not being uber-slick and polished, instead more of a darker approach that fits what Paradise Lost want to achieve in this stage of their career. They have shed the experiments that turned many fans away and created a release that could proudly sit aside their “classic” albums but with a strong identity of its own.

1. Solitary One
2. Crucify
3. Fear of Impending Hell
4. Honesty in Death
5. Theories from Another World
6. In This We Dwell
7. To the Darkness
8. Tragic Idol
9. Worth Fighting For
10. The Glorious End