Searing, breakneck melodic hardcore

Replacing an iconic figure like Jim Lindberg was never going to be something that diehard Pennywise fans were prepeared to accept readily.

Whoever the band gave the job to was going to have enormous shoes to fill. Fortunately, Zoli Téglás is something of a legend himself and brings with him the same socio-political acumen as his predecessor.

You almost always know what to expect from a Pennywise album and All or Nothing does not disappoint. Stepping back from the metal influences that had crept in to the last couple of albums, with Téglás out front the band has resurrected their mid-90s sound, searing, breakneck melodic hardcore punctuated with huge choruses and peppered with Fletcher Dragge’s spitfire leads. When Téglás snarls “Fuck off and die!” during the incendiary “Seeing Red” it’s clear his place in this band is secure. It might seem harsh to say so, but All or Nothing loses nothing from Lindberg’s absence; Pennywise attacks social and moral evil with a roaring fire in its belly, lashing out the furious hardcore of “Stand Strong” alongside more pop-tinged anthems like “Let Us Hear Your Voice” and darker, menacing tunes by way of “Songs of Sorrow” without a backward step. Every song on here will have fists pumping and voices raised in seconds. It’s exactly how punk should always be.

Pennywise already has a proud legacy few bands of their kind can match. All or Nothing is a strong start for a Téglás-fronted era and a sure sign that they still have plenty of fuel left in the tank yet.

1. All or Nothing
2. Waste Another Day
3. Revolution
4. Stand Strong
5. Let Us Hear Your Voice
6. Seeing Red
7. Songs of Sorrow
8. X Generation
9. We Have it All
10. Tomorrow
11. All Along
12. United
13. The Fallen (Australian bonus track)