Eclectic but exciting to the senses

The EP from djent masters Periphery may be named ‘Clear’ but the ingredients in this EP release are anything but.

With each band member taking their own artistic approach to an individual song, the results are eclectic but exciting to the senses.

Kicking off with a piano intro that sounds more like recent QOTSA samples than Periphery standards, it’s a bizarre escape. The band love to experiment and whilst the element of guitar and drums does ease into the instrumental piece, it returns to carnival piano before again trailing off to more pianist wonderment.

Into ‘The Summer Jam’, where the band delve into almost djent meets pop rock with a clean vocal for much of the track. The most radio friendly track you’d hear by Periphery, its a melodic mystery that defies any preconceptions you may have had aboutt this band. It even mangaes to sneak a small solo into the mix. But don’t be fooled, it’s still a very cool track from the kings of experimentation.

‘Feed The Ground’ gradually builds before unleashing Periphery fury. Whilst another accessible song for the masses, it contains all the traits of mayhem that the band are renowmned for and more.  ‘Zero’ exudes djent. It’s a mathematical, elongated instrumental and a bass player’s heaven.

‘The Parade Of Ashes’ is another more mainstream track but again has that signature guitarmanship and allows for some ape-shit moments that will engulf mosh pits on tour. ‘Extraneous’ supplies more instrumentation, dripping djent from the ceiling. ‘Pale Aura’ concludes this epic EP and is probably the highlight track of this venture. Hopefully this is a taste of what can be expected on the next Periphery installment. Seriously, some of the drumming on this final track is insane.

Melodic, mathematical, soulful, the only thing that lets down this release is that is an EP. Brilliant.

1. Overture
2. The Summer Jam
3.  Feed The Ground
4. Zero
5. The Parade of Ashes
6. Extraneous
7. Pale Aura