Fucking rock

Phil Campbell brought the rock n roll swing to the Motorhead sound when he joined in the early 80’s and after the passing of that band’s figurehead (and all round fucking legend!) Lemmy, Phil wanted to continue to rock stages across the world and brought his sons in on the action. This second effort from the band is a tighter affair that nails down exactly what they are here to do. Fucking rock.

Kicking everything off with the none too subtle We’re the Bastards plants the flag of their sound just in case you were unaware of what you were getting yourself in for. This is solid blues rock, the kind of stuff that once fuelled the American music market. Not convinced? Born to Roam ups the ante with its inflection of Americana styled guitars and harmonica while keeping the bite of Phil’s guitar tone and solid style.

Animals follows up, making any old Motörhead fans ears prick up with a riff and energy that Lemmy would be proud of. Not content with just riffing away and rocking the socks clean out of your boots, the band shows again on Desert Song how good they can just play the blues and proving that the earlier track on the album was only a pointer to the kinds of musical directions this band is willing to push themselves in collectively. More importantly perhaps, even though the band has Phil Campbell’s name on the header, it takes a great collective to create great music.

The last point is most obvious in two more tracks that really stick out and they couldn’t be further away from each other stylistically. First there is Destroyed that takes the early Motörhead sound and cranks the volume past 11 with a vibe that any of the outsider kids in ’77 would have been proud of, then there is album closer Waves. Opening with a bass groove that settles in as vocalist Neil Starr puts in his most heartfelt effort on the album, this track is built for greatness, the kind of thing that will drag the casual listener into the band and their catalogue slowly as the listener learns exactly what they have been missing out on. And that is some great modern hard rock.

This album was lost in amongst the release of the brilliant AC/DC album and at 50 minutes it could possibly do with the kind of trimming other rock bands commit to. But if they were to do that you wouldn’t get all the great variance of music that is hidden here amongst all of the great riffery that will surround you.

1. We’re The Bastards
2. Son Of A Gun
3. Promises Are Poison
4. Born To Roam
5. Animals
6. Bite My Tongue
7. Desert Song
8. Keep Your Jacket On
9. Lie To Me
10. Riding Straight To Hell
11. Hate Machine
12. Destroyed
13. Waves