A swirling pit of hardcore brutality

I have been listening to this album for a week and wracking my brain in an attempt to write you great readers another ill informed, barely researched slice of my opinion onion and I just keep getting stone walled by this album’s eclectic intensity.

One phrase just keeps repeating in my head to sum this album up: creative chaos in aural form.

From the beginning industrial scrapings of opener ‘Tunnel Under the Tracks’ to the sludge driven chaos of ‘The Torture Fields’ before its descent into a swirling pit of hardcore brutality, this album’s twists and turns all just fit seamlessly together to make one big mass of hardcore/grind/death insanity like this band has never achieved before.

Don’t believe that rap? Seek out the second to last track, confusingly titled, ‘The Last Track’. The grooviest bass guitar intro this side of a Red Hot Chili Peppers album before the chaos ensues and JR’s swivel eyed intensity makes you believe this may be the last song he ever belts out. Album closer proper ‘House of Snakes’ has a sludge thickness that any band from that form of music would be happy to call their own.

If you like your grind with less of the art-noise than Napalm Death can throw around, but not as straight ahead as Rotten Sound or Wormrot, this album should fill that little patch in your crusty black heart. At least for now.

And there you have it, a very short sharp piece of my mind, much like this album, I hope it has entertained you in the short time it has taken to get through it.

  1. Tunnel Under the Tracks
  2. Dark Train
  3. Army of Cops
  4. Circle River
  5. The Torture Fields
  6. Terminal Itch
  7. Concrete Beast
  8. The Adventures of Jason and JR
  9. Skull
  10. Trap Door Man
  11. The Last Song
  12. House of Snakes