The sound of millennial angst exploding

I Disagree is the third album from performance artist Poppy, and perhaps the first to truly descend into the darkness of her black soul. 

Attempting to truly categorise the work of such an edgy performance artist is folly, and predicting where it will go is worse. The only thing predictable about I Disagree is just how unpredictable this music is, and how much more of divisive Poppy is set to become with this release. Hipsters will love it, metal purists will hate it and others simply won’t understand.

I Disagree isn’t metal, but there’s plenty of it on here. It isn’t pop or electro-whatever, either. I Disagree is a dark-hearted beast, a swirling miasma of sounds and textures, where Ministry-strength industrial noise clashes with nu-metal’s sub-bass rumble, Slipknot-scale guitar fury and synth-pop sugar.

Concrete careens through a series of kaleidoscopic vignettes, the howl of siren, bursts of angry guitar, a whispered plea that hearkens back to her strange YouTube ASMR take-off, dissonance, death metal vocals and syrupy pop – like the aesthetics of mathcore, there’s almost too much going on but it only ever teeters on the brink, never goes over it. The title track brings out the heavy grooving artillery of prime late-90s nu-metal and switches it up with the electro-rock of Garbage. In one song after the next, chirpy synths and danceable beats wrestle for dominance with crashing metal riffing, colliding into something nearing complete chaos before veering away again into melody and beauty suddenly overwhelmed by distortion and violence once more. The generally fleeting K-pop-laced moments with bright keyboards and Björk-like off-kilter melodies only emphasise the symbiosis of beauty and danger that I Disagree embodies as Poppy rails against hypocrisy and ambivalence with an almost resigned despair for the future.

Dangerous, tormented and chaotic, I Disagree is the sound of millennial angst exploding.

  1. Concrete
  2. I Disagree
  3. Bloodmoney
  4. Anything Like Me
  5. Fill the Crown
  6. Nothing I Need
  7. Sit/Stay
  8. Bite Your Teeth
  9. Sick of the Sun
  10. Don’t Go Outside