Track after track of vicious thrash

Five years on from their previous album and Newcastle four piece PurEnvY  have really upped their game.

Redemption is straight-up melodic thrash metal from wall to wall, a pure metal album that pays no attention to fad or fashion.  There’s no extended, slow-building intro tracks as PurEnvY rip straight into full-throated thrash right from the beginning of ‘Deception’.

PurEnvY’s style is deeply rooted in traditional old school thrash, with lengthy, fast-paced songs, none of which clock in at less than five minutes, all possessed of a savage guitar tone and rapacious intensity. Songs overflow with guitar solos, blazing riffs and furious drumming, with the added dimension of two differing and distinctive vocal styles. Overdone to the point of tedium in various other genres, PurEnvY actually put this technique to good effect here as it helps to provide the songs with both an unpredictability and a level of diversity as they effortlessly veer from melodic sections to heavier, more brutal attacks.

Better still, Redemption is a consistently strong release, with track after track of vicious thrash, often broken up with epic-length, off-the-hook soloing like in ‘March to Our Graves’ and the spectacular closing riff-fest ‘Forsaken’. It’s  difficult to pinpoint a highlight or a particular track for criticism – this album is just full of them. For lovers of thrash and metal in general, Redemption is a very good package.

  1. Deception
  2. Hollow
  3. Embodied by Dust
  4. End of Days
  5. Blood of the Innocent
  6. March to Our Graves
  7. Redemption
  8. Forsaken