Punchy, hooky, abrasive and honest

Perth punks Ratking have really tightened themselves up into a ball and launched themselves at unexpected audiences with Nervous Nature.

Already constantly on hand in the wild west to keep every touring act they’ve opened for on their toes, Ratking’s months of being bottled up in isolation have allowed them to really explode here.

With their roots in old-fashioned, heavy-hitting hardcore, the band rips, tears, screams and smashes its way through seven tracks of overcoming frustration, anxiety and depression in the most earnest and raw way imaginable. Push Back kicks off with a furious pace that rarely drops – only varies – across the EP, each track spiking with energy and ferocity, AJ Teo’s  shredded throat raking the nerves until a surprising moment of pop-punk melody emerges from the miasma only to disappear seconds later.

Punchy, hooky, abrasive and honest, Nervous Nature is hardcore with a strident Australian flavour that can sit alongside Massappeal and the early noise of Clowns with pride.

  1. Push Back
  2. In Your Own Time
  3. Panic Station
  4. Explode
  5. Down the Line
  6. Talk to Me
  7. King Hit