A haunting slab of darkness and dread

Australia’s black metal underground raises its benighted head once more on this new release.

Ravenous Dusk is the work of two of the scene’s most prolific entities, Wraith of Nazxul and Pestilential Shadows’ Balam, an offering of classic 90s style black metal of the more grandiose variety.

Tongues of Black Flames builds from lilting guitars and dark ambience, piling on the tension and atmosphere into a blaze of tremolo picking and indistinct, raspy shrieks. Matriarch of Hell adds a drone-like plod under the unrelenting buzzsaw guitars, and further keyboard atmospherics and darkened melodies. The Gothic church organ piece Animam Agere sets the tone for the climactic Poison Shadow, the slow, repetitiveness of which recalls Nazxul’s finest work on Black Seed. Wraith’s vocals are suitably distant and venomous, a sinister croak that lingers just behind the buzzing guitar tone.

Dark and evocative, The Dead of Night is a brief but haunting slab of underground black metal darkness and dread.

  1. Tongues of Black Flame
  2. Matriarch of Hell
  3. Animam Agere
  4. Poison Shadow