Shows how far Red Bee have progressed and evolved

Red Bee have grown in leaps and bounds in the six years since the release of their debut album Ictus, gaining a reputation that has led to a load of international supports. This is testament to how hard the dynamic three piece work and deliver on the live front.

It’s now time for the trio to release their long awaited follow up, Silent Enemy.

Red Bee’s material could be seen to be like a big winter stew – everything is thrown into the pot. Heaviness and bravado is in full swing from the get-go in album opener ‘Dead Inside’, ‘Melody to the Apocalypse’, Dillinger-esque uber groover ‘Autumn Blood Horizon’ and the anthemic ‘Chasing Shadows’,  that will certainly incite a pit.

Without no sign of slowing down, Silent Enemy shifts gears into technical and polyrhythmic territories in ‘Lotus-Eater’ and the bouncing groove of ‘One Way Heart’, the fusion tinged dynamic shape shifting title track, and the infectiously catchy ‘Better Day’,  all tied off nicely with the musical bow that is album closer ‘Forever’.

Red Bee know how to deliver catchy and aurally infectious compositions, while also possessing one hell of a punch like a boxer in his prime. Silent Enemy shows how far Red Bee have progressed and evolved  – they are truly ready for the next step and it’s a crime they aren’t bigger already.

For heavy and hard hitting, dynamic and melodically laden music, take a good listen to Silent Enemy.

  1. Dead Inside
  2. One Way Heart
  3. Chasing Shadows
  4. Silent Enemy
  5. Better Day
  6. Lotus-Eater
  7. Autumn Blood Horizon
  8. Melody to the Apocalypse
  9. Forever