Quickly wears out its welcome

Red Method are a band made up mainly from ex-members of The Defiled and Meta-Stasis, both apparently also-rans in the early to mid 00s UK metal explosion, always with a decent fan base but never able to push over the final hurdle that becomes the make or break of so many.

They don’t take long to get into heavy territory with opener Cycle of Violence, and the most obvious thing is a fascination with late 90s Slipknot and other bands like them such as Down the Sun (surely I am not the only one who remembers that band, right?).  This makes for a reminiscent listen the first one or two times, but after a couple of spins it has already worn out its welcome.

And that my friends is the problem with the whole album. It’s just the soundtrack to a time in music that has already hit a creative and shock peak.  Sounds a bit harsh , but go listen to Messiah or  My Psychosis and tell me I’m  wrong.  As well as this, Red Method allow the aggression to abate on the strange The Narcissist’s Prayer or the acoustic handbrake that is Euphoria of Transformation, an album intro track if I have ever heard one.

All is not lost.  Hidden at the bottom of the track list is Red Method’s own version of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box taking the melancholy of the original and heightening the tension with extra kick drum rolls and guttural vocals.  This surprise also fits with penultimate track The Absent featuring Mikee Goodman from Sikth, lending his considerable vocal ability and manic tendencies to create the album highlight, even if it has been stuffed into a dark recess at the end of the album, showing a band that can take their obvious love for the heavier end of nu-metal  and mix it up a little into something that is relatable but not as directly referential as the music on the rest of the album.

If the next album starts how this one has ended, there could well be a chance for those involved to avoid once again fading into the ‘also-ran’ category.

  1. Cycle of Violence
  2. Split
  3. Messiah
  4. The Narcissist’s Prayer
  5. Ideology of the Sick
  6. Adriel
  7. Euphoria of Transformation
  8. My Psychosis
  9. The Absent
  10. Heart Shaped Box