The final abandonment of the band’s thrash aspirations

Revocation’s last couple of releases really opened the global metal community’s eyes to them and their latest effort should consolidate and expand their listenership and solidify their reputation even further.

Six albums in and Great is Our Sin is everything one could hope for in a metal record. It’s slick but not shiny, melodic when it needs to be and brutal everywhere else, bristling with killer solos and neck-snapping riffs and brimming with great song writing. ‘Arbiters of the Apocalypse’ kicks things off with a more-or-less straight forward groove whereas the quirky drumming and twisting riffs of tracks like ‘Theater of Horror’ and  ‘Communion’ show off Revocation’s strongly developed technical side, without sacrificing any inherent catchiness. Great is Our Sin also sees the final abandonment of the band’s thrash aspirations as the technical death metal side of their personality takes control. On the likes of the ripping ‘Only the Spineless Survive’ they truly revel in this new identity, assisted immensely by the faultless precision of ex-3 Inches of Blood drummer Ash Pearson locking in some pretty impressive moves behind the kit. 47 minutes of technical ferocity is closed out with a cover of ‘Altar of Sacrifice’ which is not really necessary but handled with aplomb nonetheless.

Great is Our Sin is yet another step up for Revocation, one that could see more of the world beating a path to their door.

1. Arbiters of the Apocalypse
2. Theater of Horror
3. Monolithic Ignorance
4. Crumbling Imperium
5. Communion
6. The Exaltation
7. Profanum Vulgus
8. Copernican Heresy
9. Only the Spineless Survive
10. Cleaving Giant of Ice
11. Altar of Sacrifice