Raucous no-bullshit rock n roll

Arguably one of the most musically erudite of the former Ramones, Cellophane proves that he is still very much a punk rocker at heart.
On his second solo album, Ramone’s weapon of choice is bludgeoning rock n roll, all snarling vocals, snarling guitars and snappy drums, but not without diversity. For every blunt-edged rocker like the opening pair, ‘Braggadocio’ and the riotous ‘I Fix This’, there’s a mid-pacer like the title track on which Ramone doesn’t so much as growl but vomits the lyrics, a melodic pop-tinged piece like the upbeat ‘Pretty Poison’ and even a rough n’ ready cover of ‘Enjoy the Silence’ that’s strangely appealing in its unpolished delivery. With just nine songs clocking in at barely half an hour, Cellophane is raucous no-bullshit rock n roll – just as you’d expect from a Ramone.

1. Braggodocio
2. I Fix This
3. Cellophane
4. Your Worst Enemy
5. Pretty Poison
6. Enjoy the Silence
7. Just to be Clear
8. What?
9. I’m Not Ready