Shows why they have always been an interesting venture

Rolo Tomassi have been playing music to their own beat for 10 years now, a beat that can rapidly change multiple times in one song but also one the band has been reigning in and refining over the course of the last three albums.

Time will Die… opens with a very dreamy ambient instrumental lead with synth and keyboards as vocalist Eva Spence uses her voice more as an extra instrument, adding to the effect that carries on into ‘Aftermath’, a very unexpected pop song with clean vocals throughout and not a hint of the heaviness or instant musical about-face that this band is capable of, leaving the listener on edge for what may be to come.

It is on the third track ‘Rituals’ where Rolo Tomassi kicks the listener in the gut. Opening with the now-established dreamy keyboards, a heavy marching style drum comes in and Spence sets about destroying whatever is in front of her. From here the albums keeps its foot delicately applied to the throat, striking a balance that can only be called close to perfect.  ‘The Hollow Hour’ and ‘A Flood of Light’ are fine examples of just what they are capable of, opening with manic rage ahead of synth-pop like ambience before jolting back into their nightmare with all the might of a herd of elephants stomping through the speakers.

With other notable acts like The Dillinger Escape Plan hanging up their instruments leaving the gate wide open for another formidable and just as crazy band, this album shows why Rolo Tomassi has always been an interesting venture. Long may their tenuous grip on music continue.

  1. Towards Dawn
  2. Aftermath
  3. Rituals
  4. The Hollow Hour
  5. Balancing The Dark
  6. Alma Mater
  7. A Flood Of Light
  8. Whispers Among Us
  9. Contretemps
  10. Risen