Sydney Celtic punks return for Round Three bringing their best songs yet

Opening the album with everything the band has to offer on ‘Patron Saint O’ Thieves’, all tin whistles and stomping beats, if you haven’t heard of this band yet, this is a great example of the more punk rock side of their approach. Great story telling is the strong suit of this band.

Vocalist and lyricist Frankie McLaughlin weaves great tales of love, loss and struggle. Tracks like ‘A Fistful o’ Roses’ about the dying live scene in their hometown weaves a great tale of an old pub, and the locals drinking there on a standard Saturday arvo session, and sounds very much like a track The Pogues would have written in their heyday, banshee wails and all.

And this is the album in a wrap, great music, where you can hear the influences from all corners of punk and Celtic bands but with their distinct Australian spin on it. ‘Les Darcy’ ‘Kathleen’ ‘Murder Shanty’ all such well written stories,it is a hard album to not listen to over and over. They are a unique band in a unique corner of the punk scene and you would be doing yourself, and Australian music, a great favour in checking them out if you haven’t already.

Another great feather in the cap of this country’s music scene released this year, and there has been quite a few.

1. Patron Saint o’ Thieves
2. Zielona Gora
3. A Fistful o’ Roses
4. Fact’ry Jack
5. ‘Eight Beers’ Mcgee
6. Murder Shanty
7. Les Darcy
8. Dead to Me
9. Kathleen
10. WKND (Flash New Breeks)
11. Them Fallen
12. The Pot & Kettle