Soulless, un-inventive rock

With the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind only a couple of years away, there’s likely to be a large raft of people starting to look back wistfully and hope for some kind of revival of that entire period where grunge gave the middle finger to the industry and it was cool to do heroin again, sing in metaphors no one could understand and go to rock shows dressed like a lumberjack or a homeless person.

But grunge was a child of the zeitgeist, a moment that will never come again, and any revival is likely to be limited to a sudden explosion of Nirvana cover bands or Krist Novoselic, Pat Smear and Dave Grohl appearing together in the same room for a few moments before we all realise that we’re in our 40s now and the musical revolution ended the moment Kurt did. So while grunge will never return, not at least in any easily recognisable form, its bastard offspring post-grunge just doesn’t seem to want to go away.

Flawed Design is the second album from so-called post-grunge “supergroup” Saint Asonia, as if any group of individuals playing this style of music could rise high enough above their own mediocrity to be labelled such a thing. Featuring the singer from Three Days Grace and the other guitarist from Staind who isn’t Aaron Lewis, Saint Asonia’s music is pretty much the same shit they played in their other bands, but even more dull because it’s, well, PRETTY MUCH THE SAME SHIT THEY PLAYED IN THEIR OTHER BANDS.

It doesn’t even matter how many Breaking Benjamins or Godsmack dudes they bring in to help them out, because all these bands sound the fucking same anyway. Imagine if your art was drawing stick figures and you brought in another artist who also draws stick figures to help you on a project drawing stick figures. No matter how much you tried to change it up by adding a flower or some shit here and there, it would still just be a bunch of stick figures. That’s what this album is like. And why the fuck is Sharon den Adel singing on one song? I hope she didn’t fly all the way out from Amsterdam to waste her time on this rubbish. Her own crap band wastes enough of her time, surely.

Seriously, unless you really, really love Adam Gontier’s voice for some reason or you’re a fan of soulless, un-inventive rock with muted, repetitive churn riffs, there is absolutely no value in this album. But what would I know?

1. Blind
2. Sirens
3. This August Day
4. The Hunted
5. Ghost
6. Beast
7. The Fallen
8. Another Fight
9. Flawed Design
10. Justify
11. Martyrs