Something more than promising

Slinky desert-flavoured fuzz rock is the very essence of this four-track release from Sand Viper.

A band with a collective history that snakes back to the mid-1980s, with members drawn from thrash legends Frozen Doberman and heavy rock  upstarts Nitocris, Sand Viper mean business and know how to deliver.

I Want It is fuzzed out garage rock, Insane Love a snarling, sauntering desert-rock beast, Think About It a laid-back reflective slow burn. Andi Dyson introduces Don’t Wait with a clattering tattoo that is soon joined by Tim West’s ringing bass, a creeping guitar motif and smooth vocals as Sand Viper build the track into a smouldering retro rocker that ties up the collection nicely.  shā shé is a very good start to something that sounds more than promising.

Get it here.

  1. I Want It
  2. Think About It
  3. Insane Love
  4. Don’t Wait