An amped-up homecoming celebration

Even with the rise of the grunge and alternative rock movements and the pokie-hastened end of the golden era of Pub Rock, The Screaming Jets were one of the major draws on the Australian live scene through the 90s and beyond.

All for One is where it started for the Jetters, smashing into the top end of the national Top 10 with a raft of songs that have now become part of the Australian musical lexicon. Re-recording them was always going to be a divisive move, but lacking access to the original masters, the band has taken the plunge and the results should set any doubters to rights.

In the main, most of the tracks haven’t changed that much except for the benefit of modern production giving everything a thicker and heavier sound. The likes of Blue Sashes and Stop the World have been beefed up to speaker-melting levels and blazing soloing adds an extra layer of killer to the barnstorming C’mon. It’s clear that tracks like this one have grown organically over 30 years of live performance, but the lesser-known songs like No Point or the melodic rock of Starting Out also sound like old friends who have matured like fine bottles of wine. Dave Gleeson’s voice seems to have barely changed at all and the most striking thing is how almost all of these songs still resonate after more than three decades, a true testament to just how good All for One was in the first place. It’s not perfect – the grimy hair metal of Sister Tease was tawdry then and worse now, and then there’s Better, easily one of the best Australian rock song of all. To some, it will seem like re-painting the Mona Lisa. It’s a definite shock at first, but a few repeated listens will deliver a new perspective – it’s not a better Better, but it’s still a stomping rock song you can belt out in full voice.

All for One was a boisterous and loud album of flash, flair and roof-raising hard rock, and the 30th anniversary edition is an amped-up homecoming celebration. One listen and any doubts will be swept away in the slipstream.

  1. C’mon
  2. No Point
  3. Better
  4. Needle
  5. Shine On
  6. Starting Out
  7. Stop the World
  8. Blue Sashes
  9. Sister Tease
  10. FRC
  11. Got It
  12. The Only One