Will make you want to kick your lounge room to pieces

What happens when ¾ of the once lauded British doom band Cathedral finally decide to record their hardcore side project now that they are free of the shackles of doom? 

Yes, you read that right. Guitarist Gaz Jennings, bassist Scott Carlson and vocalist Lee Dorrian have long spoken of this project in hushed tones but feel the time is now right to ‘do as they please’ to release this rather well kept secret.

Opener ‘Septic Tank’ bursts straight through the speakers, and the very first thing that is gone is any inclination of this former troupe’s band. This has more in common with Dorrian’s role as vocalist for Napalm Death during the mid 80s. The speakers crackle under the tinny sound of buzzing guitars and a distinct lack of low end as per the original run of hardcore bands such as Discharge and Siege that this album is an open homage to.

Septic Tank stay on the trajectory of the opener, sounding like a long lost recording circa 1986 when hardcore punk was king and grindcore was nipping at its heels with all the venom that it could muster. A venom that it has to be said is back in Dorrian’s voice in a big way as tracks such as ‘Fucked’ and ‘Whitewash’ drip with a poison that hasn’t been heard from this vocalist since 1989, whilst ‘Danger Signs’ sounds like a Napalm Death out-take from his time in the band.

The closest that these guys come to what they are known for is the slightly slower paced ‘Death Vase’ and even then it really sounds more akin to when Black Flag slowed down, still teetering on the precipice of the unknown with muscles flexed ready to jump at any moment.

Some may deride this album for its almost one dimensional take on a fairly one dimensional kind of music, but that is the point. This is an album by old school crust/grind/hardcore punk fans for fans of the same thing, while also being the sound of a group of musicians letting their hair down and going back to their musical roots whilst proudly wearing a battle vest made up of their influences. That is the intention after all. And boy do they get it right, all the way down to a perfect running time of 40 minutes (for a standard LP), this is music that will make you want to kick your lounge room to pieces for no reason.

  1. Septic Tank
  2. Who
  3. Victimised
  4. Social Media Whore
  5. Divide And Conk Out
  6. Treasurers of Disease
  7. Fucked
  8. Whitewash
  9. Death Vase
  10. You Want Some
  11. Digging Your Own Grave
  12. Danger Signs
  13. Walking Asylum
  14. Lost Humanity
  15. Never Never Land
  16. Self-Obsessed
  17. Living Death
  18. Rotten Empire