A great band playing a long game,

I have stated previously that I am a big fan of this era of Sepultura, that has lasted from 1997, fronted by Derrick Green and lead by guitarist Andreas Kisser. 

Musically the band has never taken a backward step. Sure, this led to the odd release early on, but since Dante XXI in 2006 Sepultura has pushed their boundaries in ever more entertaining directions, ending in the release of Machine Messiah in 2017 that saw the band return to a sound reminiscent of their late 80s/early 90s thrash period, though with a wealth of new musical ideas.

As Quadra winds up with an industrial lead in on Isolation, it doesn’t take long before Sepultura leap headlong into thrash madness, quickly proving the ascension and slow improvement album after album to this point has been no fluke, but a great band playing a long game, steadily improving their focus as they keep the intensity up.

Even instrumental The Pentagram refuses to release its chokehold as the band willingly display the facets of each player.  Special mention needs to go to Eloy Casagrande  who drums his heart out here, remaining menacing the entire time, and the production of Jens Bogren pushes him to the fore every time the intensity ratchets up an extra notch.

A band that has always enjoyed experimenting within the confines of their music will never cease to do so, and this album is no exception.  Here Sepultura lighten the mood with on Guardian of the Earth,  starting with a dreamy choral vocal and acoustic guitars that come as an ever so slight welcome relief before Green can no longer be held back, comes roaring in and making everything feel again. But the standout for different reasons, and for Green as a vocalist, has to be The Agony of Defeat. This is a track that allows the vocals to be treated differently, showing another side of the very talented vocalist as he sings in a low mournful tone. The chaos that is album closer Fear; Pain; Chaos; Suffering swirls in as much menace as they can muster, ably fronted by Emmily Barreto from Brazilian group Far From Alaska, Green adding extra grunt.

If you have been sleeping on Sepultura due to some useless grudge from 1996, you have been punishing yourself long enough.  Quadra is yet more proof of a great band toiling away without a care about what anyone thinks about them.

  1. Isolation
  2. Means to an End
  3. Last Time
  4. Capital Enslavement
  5. Ali
  6. Raging Void
  7. Guardians of Earth
  8. The Pentagram
  9. Autem
  10. Quadra
  11. Agony of Defeat
  12. Fear; Pain; Chaos; Suffering