The most interesting ‘live’ album in some time

What do you do if you release the (arguably) best album of your storied career only to have touring it fucked by a global pandemic? If you are innovative enough, you will find a solution, and ever the innovators Sepultura got to work on a podcast series that was one part live rehearsal and one part Q&A series for their fans.

Sprouting from fertile ground was friends of the band wanting to join in on the live music. This has lead to what might be the most interesting ‘live’ album in some time. Basically, the listener gets to sit on Sepultura and their mates jamming a wide variety of the band’s catalogue.

Not content with just rattling out their wide range of well known ‘classics’ from the late 80s and early 90s the band pepper this live collection with tracks from the early (unfairly) maligned output with current vocalist Derrick Green. In particular is a ripping version of Sepulnation that sees Canadian rocker Danko Jones putting in a passionate performance and Hatred Aside featuring a cast of Brazilian thrashers adding venom to a track about metal unity.

Every track recorded here feels heavier than when it was first recorded, with Cut-Throat particularly venomous and Mask carrying some extra thrash goodness with back up vocals and guitar wizardry courtesy of Devin Townsend in a way in which only Devin could produce. Elsewhere Matthew K. Heafy (Trivium) turns in what is possibly his best vocal performance on the punishing Slave New World.

 often comes across like a peek into the band’s more intimate world, a quick look behind the curtain at the amount of joy they still gain from the music they have played together for a very long time. Say what you will about what era of the band you want, this recorded document here is all the proof the naysayers should need to justify how good they work together as a unit, and why Derrick Green was chosen as an able vocal replacement in 1997. The power in his vocals has only gotten better over the years as he has grown in confidence and his persona is writ large across every track here. I could gush and carry on about every track in detail and still not do each individual performance on show the attention it rightly deserves.

Scan to the bottom for the wrap up? Stop arguing and start listening to the album. You have (possibly) wasted years already ignoring the second coming of Sepultura, this album and in turn the band deserve every ounce of positive attention they are receiving since the release of Quadra and this ‘live’ document is all the proof any attentive listener should require.

1 Territory (feat. David Ellefson)
2 Cut-Throat (feat. Scott Ian)
3 Sepulnation (feat. Danko Jones)
4 Inner Self (feat. Phil Rind)
5 Hatred Aside (feat. Angélica Burns, Mayara Puertas & Fernanda Lira)
6 Mask (feat. Devin Townsend)
7 Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering (feat. Emmily Barreto)
8 Vandals Nest (feat. Alex Skolnick)
9 Slave New World (feat. Matthew K. Heafy)
10 Ratamahatta (feat. Joao Barone & Charles Gavin)
11 Apes Of God (feat. Rob Cavestany)
12 Phantom Self (feat. Mark Holcomb)
13 Slaves Of Pain (feat. Fred Leclercq & Marcello Pompeu)
14 Kaiowas (feat. Rafael Bittencourt)
15 Orgasmatron (feat. Phil Campbell)