A modern metal beast

Shatter Brain are a rising force in Australian metal.

Hailing from Adelaide, the band consists of members from other bands including Alkira and Voros, each bringing different influences while managing to stay a beast all their own and creating a modern metal sound.  Vocalist Tom Santamaria is the biggest drawcard, with a vocal ability that stretches from a high pitched witch cackle to a deep guttural churn as any one of the more eclectic tracks calls for it.

Wasting little time to prove their credentials, Talk in Fear cuts in quick with a heavy groove that flattens everything in its wake, making it easy to see why Shatter Brain has already supported some big names locally and a managed a quick jaunt overseas.  Lorem Ipsum quickly changes into a higher gear and shows off some quality thrash chops. Upping the pace allows the rest of the band to show that they are more than just a great vocalist. The rest of them can hold up as well. This stop start pacing is used more throughout the album with added dirges edging them close to sludge territory, such as on Choosing Beggars or the doom dirge of Silent Screams that stands out on the album because it is so different from the rest of the swirling noise that surrounds it (I’m looking at you Fencesitter). It makes for a very colourful musical palette that shows once more how great the Australian heavy music pool is.

If the album was to have one sticking point, it would be the track lengths.  It’s not something this band alone are guilty of; a lot of groups meander along at times making great tracks feel as though they are overstaying their welcome just enough that you reach for the skip button every so often.  But don’t let minor things like this spoil it. Around every twist Shatter Brain can turn back with another surprise. This is more quality evidence of our rich musical history in Australia and how our distance from the rest of the world allows us to create music that feels familiar but manages to carry a unique flavour that has to be heard to firmly grasp it.

  1. Talk in Fear
  2. Lorem Ipsum
  3. Pitchfork Justice
  4. Choosing Beggars
  5. Fencesitteri
  6. Noble Savagery
  7. Silent Screams
  8. Life Ephemeral
  9. Death Goes On