A focused, angry and furious political heavy rock album

It’s been seven years since Shihad last roared, and in that time they only seem to have become even more frustrated with the state of the world.

The Trump Administration, the Christchurch massacre, racism, the rise of the far right, organised religion, general hypocrisy – Shihad takes a shot at them all with seething, slow-burning fury. Tear Down Those Names establishes the themes and mood of the album right away, driving groove and sludgy repetitive guitar churn hammering home the rage of Jon Toogood’s lyrics.

Shihad’s music has long had shades of industrial about it, and the title track feels like their long association with Jaz Coleman has rubbed off with a galactic stomp and heavy dark undercurrent of synth. Further along, Feel the Fire is a rousing call to youth with a soaring, catchy refrain and Little Demons injects an element of pop into Old Gods‘ swirling anger without detracting from the mood. Toogood and Phil Knight lay down mesmerising sludge riffs, Karl Kippenberger’s bass throbs like a creature of malevolence beneath it all, and Tom Larkin delivers a whirlwind of juddering beats and crashing cymbals behind every track.

Old Gods is a focused, angry and furious political heavy rock album, a protest voice and a rally cry against the darkness and hypocrisy of a dangerous world. Outstanding.

  1. Tear Down These Names
  2. Old Gods
  3. Mink Coat
  4. The Hill Song
  5. Feel the Fire
  6. Little Demons
  7. Empire Falling
  8. Just Like You
  9. Slow Dawning
  10. The Wreckage