A dynamic and vibrant release

Long before the progressive metal offshoot known as “Djent” became quite widespread and popular, there was a little British band called SikTh, whose musical tendancies lay within what would become the framework of the genre.

Following their 2008–2013 hiatus, they have released their long awaited third album entitled The Future in Whose Eyes?

The opening track of an album has to be the statement that sets the tone and boy, ‘Vivid’ does that and a hell of a lot more. Possessing a polyrhythmic groove that moves like a bouncy ball, it is bolstered by chunky riffage and Mikee Goodman’s unique off-kilter vocal howl (think The Real Thing-era Mike Patton, but on hallucinogenic substances) that seamlessly intertwine to show that SikTh are back and they mean business.

The momentum doesn’t stop throughout The Future in Whose Eyes? There’s a plethora of heavy offerings such as ‘Riddles of Humanity’, the pulsating ‘The Aura’, the melodically tinged ‘Ride the Illusion’ plods along like Godzilla destroying Tokyo, ‘Cracks of Light’ (featuring Spencer from Periphery lending his contrasting vocals), ‘No Wishbones’ and the insanely powerful ‘Weavers Of Woe’.

Heaviness aside, ‘Golden Cufflinks’ is a perfect candidate for a rock radio single, hooky, memorable and could please the most commercial of listener’s ears. It could go up against a Karnivool / Deftones and the likes with ease.

One thing that sets SikTh apart is their usage of interludes and Goodman’s spoken word pieces, adding some darkness and a cinematic feel that gives the music another dimension to play off. On their own, they may seem a little bit odd, but as a whole it works.

The Future in Whose Eyes? is a dynamic and vibrant release that solidifies SikTh’s position as one of the forefathers of djent but shows that they are also able to keep one step ahead of the curve and produce quality music after all the years of their existence.

1. Vivid
2. Century of the Narcissist?
3. The Aura
4. This Ship Has Sailed
5. Weavers of Woe
6. Cracks of Light
7. Golden Cufflinks
8. The Moon’s Been Gone for Hours
9. Riddles of Humanity
10. No Wishbones
11. Ride the Illusion
12. When it Rains