A great new direction

So many super groups fail to make it to a shaky second album but here this band have remained busy producing first a stop-gap EP (Ashes) and now this album in a short time frame of two years.

Jumping straight into things on the title track, stripped back and leaner than the debut, co-vocalist Sean Zatorsky takes a noticeable lead vocally as Attila Csihar lends his more demonic lower vocal to add weight.

The stripped back approach continues throughout, with Sinsaenum losing the small interludes that preceded every track on their first album, drawing it out proceedings and making it feel over long.  The songs here get straight to the point, wasting no time on setting a mood, instead going straight for the throat in a more traditional style.

The only pauses in the onslaught are ‘I Stand Alone’ that slows things down with more direct spoken word style verses before the chorus is used as a burst of energy, giving it a sludge feel, and ‘Manifestation of Ignorance’ where they switch up to a heavy doom, reminding the listener that Sinsaenum is capable of being more than a one trick pony.

Repulsion for Humanity is a great new direction from Sinsaenum. Losing the interludes is one of the best moves, and pushing Sean Zatorsky up in the vocals may appeal to a wider market and send a younger audience looking into more and more extreme musical frontiers that may help the future of both the black and death metal scenes.

  1. Repulsion for Humanity
  2. Final Resolve
  3. Sworn to Hell
  4. I Stand Alone
  5. Rise of the Light Bearer
  6. Manifestation of Ignorance
  7. Sacred Martyr
  8. My Swan Song
  9. Nuit Noire
  10. Insects
  11. Forsaken