Shambolic and passionless

It’s 2016 and Six Feet Under is still a thing for some reason.

Granted, their last three albums injected something of a spark into a corpse that should have been buried long ago, but if there was ever a sign that Chris Barnes ought to really think about retirement, it’s another Graveyard Classics album.

Let’s face it, this isn’t even a band anymore, and these albums stopped being a joke before the first one came out. Six Feet Under is now just a bunch of hired guns laying down tracks for Barnes to growl over and this rubbish was obviously care factor zero for the whole lot of them. The band are competent but sound thoroughly bored, perhaps well aware that no matter how well they played these tunes Barnes was only going to ruin them anyway. And he does, with a shambolic and passionless gurgle that can’t keep up with the pace of songs like ‘The Evil That Men Do’ even when they’ve been slowed down to a dirge. He probably didn’t even bother to put his bong down while recording them. That money and time was wasted on creating this complete pile of shit is affrontery to the multitude of bands with talent and something to say currently wallowing in poverty and obscurity.

Yes, it’s a 200-copy limited edition pressing, but even that’s too many! Someone somewhere needs to stop enabling this man’s contempt for the music he claims to love. If The Number of the Priest is meant to be a tribute, I shudder to think what an insult would be like.

1. Night Crawler
2. Starbreaker
3. Genocide
4. Invader
5. Never Satsified
6. Murders in the Rue Morgue
7. Prowler
8. Flash of the Blade
9. The Evil That Men Do
10. Stranger in a Strange Land
11. Total Eclipse