Pieced together and directionless

Six Feet Under are very much a take-them or leave-them band prolific in releasing material in varying degrees of quality, generally played locked in a groove in the traditional sense of early Cannibal Corpse and Obituary.

Try as I might to enjoy this album, it just feels pieced together and directionless. From the very beginning, vocalist Chris Barnes just sounds bored on Amputator while the band throw in their best effort. The Rotting just finishes mid riff, no warning, no fade out, as if somebody just pressed the stop button in the studio. That kind of half arsed nature is throughout the album, making it difficult to take seriously.

When the band are locked in, such as the dirty sludge of Migraine ol’ Barnsey still sounds like he didn’t even get off his couch to record his parts. Whoever thought it was a good idea on Zodiac to let all music cease but allow Barnes to burp his lyrics out needs a good talking to. The fact that it was allowed to happen again on the album in The Noose, as well as whatever those high, cat strangled vocals are shows just how directionless the recording sessions must have been.

Musically, this is the best sludgiest death metal you will get until Obituary releases another album – it is only ever let down by the cack delivered by Barnes.

I held out some hope for this for nothing more than nostalgia’s sake, even though I should have known better. It is a sad tale but Nightmares of the Decomposed should have been looked at harder by someone not in the band before it was allowed to be released. Not the worst thing you will hear this year, but sure as eggs isn’t far from it.
1. Amputator
2. Zodiac
3. The Rotting
4. Death Will Follow
5. Migraine
6. The Noose
7. Blood of the Zombie
8. Self Imposed Death Sentence
9. Dead Girls Don’t Scream
10. Drink Blood Get High
11. Labyrinth of Insanity
12. Without Your Life