Another notch in their bow

The most surprising thing about the latest EP from sleepmakeswaves isn’t how good it is – the Sydney trio have a long established legacy of excellence going back more than a decade. 

It isn’t even the transgression back to the post-rock ambience of their earliest releases as each tune floats like a delicate dream across the consciousness, and it isn’t even the vocals as they coyly emerge from the clean ringing guitar intro of serenity now. The surprise is how well they integrate. Otto Wicks-Green’s clear, fragile vocals transition from the music so seamlessly it is barely a surprise. Awareness of them comes a few moments later, as they rise with the building melody to a soaring crescendo. On lofi nylon, the vocal melodies mingle with the electronic beats and the bed of lilting guitar, and the EP comes to a close with the smooth soporific lines of these are not your dreams, sighing and surging with an urgent sense of melancholy.

Further experiments with vocals have done nothing to damage sleepmakeswaves’ aesthetic. On the contrary, here they simply add another element to the band’s already pleasing musical palette, and Not an Exit is another notch in their bow.

  1. mind palace
  2. serenity now
  3. lofi nylon
  4. these are not your dreams