Another affirmation of their positive outlook

Opening with a sampled vocal has become this band’s staple over the course of their previous three albums and ‘3 Feet From Peace’ is no different.

A spoken word sample courtesy of Jesse’s mother comes in before the song proper kicks off in a similar fashion to the previous two albums, Diamond and Disobedient. You know the one: gang vocals lead into a heavy breakdown and finishing up with some feedback bleeding into ‘The Sun, The Moon,The Truth: Penance Of Self’, a hardcore belter of a tune. Business as usual here then.

‘Married to the Noise’ is a call to arms tune,  vocalist Jesse Barnett’s love song to the music and scene he loves, the clean pop punk style chorus is just a bonus to a great song.

A lot has been made of the bands concept for this album and their attempt to get their fans to connect on a more human level to each other, and the music. This is at the fore on every track, a message the band doesn’t want you to forget; ‘Cave Canem’ and ‘Through the Chain Link’ really reminding you of the weight of the concept.

True View isn’t without moments of different musical approaches, in particular the hard rock drive of ‘56’ and ‘The Reach For Me: Forgiveness Of Self’ is a solid attempt at a more alternative rock direction, showing a side to the band rarely seen. A real hidden gem.

Stick To Your Guns have been plugging away at their version of modern hardcore for over a decade now and this album is another affirmation of their positive outlook, while being some of the most introspective lyrics the band has assembled. A critique on modern society and the disassociation that modern media has bestowed on us from Barnett’s perspective while he expels all of his own personal demons. From that standpoint the band has achieved exactly what they set out to do and made an album that fans old and new alike will be able to enjoy.

1. 3 Feet From Peace
2. The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: Penance of Self
3. Married to the Noise
4. Delinelle
5. Cave Canem
6. 56
7. The Inner Authority: Realization of Self
8. You Are Free
9. Doomed By You
10. The Better Days Before Me
11. Owed Nothing
12. Through the Chain Link
13. The Reach for Me: Forgiveness of Self