Will hopefully inspire another generation to make positive change

Stray From The Path have been slowly building their stock in trade of rap infused hardcore for sometime. 

For those unaware of them, think back to a time in the early 90s when Rage Against the Machine and, to a lesser extent, downset were making threats to the powers that be, and inspiring their audience to look around and get involved in political activism.  Of course the rhythmic lyricism was original at first, before all manner of nu-metal bands took the idea and dumbed it back down to a level that was easy feeding to a mass market.

Well, everything old is new again, and Internal Atomics continues with more personal and political vitriol that will hopefully inspire another generation to look around and make positive change.  Stray From the Path have made their bread and better on ensuring that the lyrics get into you head like any other top shelf political slogan. From the opening refrain of  “Thinking like everyone else, is not really thinking” on Ring Leader all the way to the last line of the album, “The choice is yours, change the world” from Actions Not Words, their lyrics express what they’re attempting on this album.

Those familiar with Stray From the Path would be aware by now that this kind of thing is peppered throughout, although they also leave the politics behind a little bit on Holding Cells for the Living Hell to talk about metal health on one of the heaviest tracks they have ever assembled, and Beneath the Surface that promotes tolerance towards our fellow man.

For those who aren’t already fans, there’s not much here to draw you in; for fans of the earliest form of rapcore, this album has it in spades. It can feel repetitive, but the addition of guest vocalists (Brendan Murphy of Counterparts and Matt Honeycutt from Kublai Khan) to bolster the weaker tracks keeps the quality high. Like any good hardcore album it is in and out quickly leaving you wanting more, and with a faint taste of copper in your mouth.

  1. Ring Leader
  2. Kickback
  3. The First Will Be Last
  4. Fortune Teller
  5. Second Death
  6. Beneath the Surface
  7. Something in the Water
  8. Holding Cells for the Living Hell
  9. Double Down
  10. Actions Not Words