Everything this band has ever been

One of the originators of punk/thrash crossover have released another solid album.

Suicidal Tendencies are one of my all time favourite bands, and this album is pure punk fury, with thrash metal barely reined in.

Kicking off with a great drum roll, the album opens with new single, “Clap Like Ozzy”. Very traditional, it is a fast paced crossover track driven by the now familiar slap-bass, and a killer drum sound. Mike Muir tells you to ‘Take a second, catch your breath’ you can feel the instant live hit this song was written to be.

It continues in this manner for most of the album, made for moshing and the live environment the band has always excelled in, full of great hooks and powerful drumming courtesy of Dave Lombardo. Nearly every track has a great intro or mid section where the drums are let loose, only ever restrained on one track, the ballad ‘Still Dying to Live’, and it’s great to hear.

Mike Muir sounds generally mad throughout the whole album, fed up with what he can see going on. In ‘The New Degeneration’ he asks if the new generation will step up and strive for change, just as he and his peers did through the rough musical climate of the 80s and 90s. Rounding out the album with a revised version of “This World” from their last album 13, you know he hasn’t given up yet, but he fears for future generations.

This is a great album, and what you would have come to expect from the band if you have ever been a fan at any point in their long and storied career. If you have never heard them before, it’s a great starting point, because it is everything this band has ever been: socially aware, powerfully positive, and slammin’!

1. Clap Like Ozzy
2. The New Degeneration
3. Living for Life
4. Get Your Fight On!
5. World Gone Mad!
6. Happily Never After
7. One Finger Salute
8. Damage Control
9. The Struggle is Real
10. Still Dying to Live
11. This World