As if music never moved on

Superheist were on a trajectory that could have taken them to Amity Affliction-style heights in the early 00s when they suddenly broke apart right before 2003’s Metal for the Brain festival.

Almost a decade and a half later and the band has reconvened, with Full Scale’s Ezekiel Ox in the problematic vocalist role, but Superheist’s music hasn’t changed much at all. Ghosts of the Social Dead is like the ultimate retro trip, as if music never moved on in the time the band was away.

The first half of the album is heavy on moshpit grooves and old-school nu-metal (that’s a thing, right?) done with a renewed energy. Ox is the perfect fit for Superheist, snapping and spitting his rapid-fire vocals over the power-chord based groove-laden chug, syncopations and electronic blips and bloops of the band’s music. “Wolves in Your Headspace” and “Flick the Switch” are the definite highlights here, full of massive hooks and shout-along vocals sure to make a pit surge.

Then at the mid-point the band veers right into a completely different direction. The entire back end of Ghosts is a blatant grab for mainstream airplay: “This Truth”, “Let’s Get Out of Here” et. al. are straight out of the Incubus/Staind book of radio rock blandness.

It’s like Superheist are hedging their bets. Having emerged from their Van Winkle-like sleep, they aren’t quite sure which angle will work after all this time so they’re trying for both. It will be interesting to see which way it goes.

1. Wolves in Your Headspace
2. Back to Base
3. Fearing Nothing
4. Running Away
5. Flick the Switch
6. The Deepend
7. This Truth
8. Hang Your Head
9. Let’s Get Out of Here
10. Sweat Swing