A bundle of energy

If melodic metal from yesteryear is your thing than look no further than Tasmania’s own Taberah to bring it to the table.

Their sophomore effort Necromancer will be released soon and should become an international success such is its stellar production and musicianship. Recently signed to German metal label Dust on the Tracks on a two album deal, it will be interesting watching the band develop their following in the next few years.

Invoking influences such as DragonForce, The Darkness, Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy, the band’s energy exudes from the album, and it’s clear from the outset that the members are enjoying making music at present. The apocalyptic metal rains down from the start with ‘2012’ providing the melody in spades with a hard rock wall of sound. It’s old school with clean vocals but enough power to appease. ‘Dying Wish’ is one of the highlight tracks, racing out of the gates with a nice riff accompanied by some pounding drums, in a similar vein to Metallica’s ‘Escape’ with the added bonus of a great solo interwoven.

There are other notable tracks. ‘Warlord’ is a beast with its bass-infused intro that explodes into a storm of power metal. ‘My Dear Lord’ is another gem with a guest appearance from female vocalist Felicity Jayne, adding an interesting vocal subtlety.

Taberah are not afraid to worship their roots but have enough tricks up their sleeve to display some genuine originality. The acoustic instrumental ‘One Goonbag Later’ will likely confuse international listeners with its title but breaks up the conformity of the album, yet there is still room for a rock ballad with ‘Don’t Say You’ll Love Me Forever’ obeying the power metal album-making commandant… Thou Shalt have One Ballad per Album. A little cliché, yes, but it works nonetheless.

This band has built a solid reputation as a live band (they supported Motorhead) and these songs should suit the stage to a tee. Necromancer is a bundle of energy and whilst it’s evident from where Taberah have forged the basis of their sound, it doesn’t make it any less convincing.

1. 2012
2. Dying Wish
3. Burning in the Moonlight
4. Necromancer
5. Warlord
6. Don’t Say You’ll Love Me Forever
7. For King & Country
8. One Goonbag Later
9. The Hammer of Hades
10. My Dear Lord
11. Burn