For those who have an appreciation for music

When one thinks of post-metal, the likes of Pelican, Isis, Cult of Luna, sleepmakeswaves, Rosetta, Long Distance Calling and Explosions in the Sky probably come to mind.

Those acts deliver albums filled with musical soundscapes with a hard edge underpinning it all. The debut album from Perth’s Tangled Thoughts of Leaving takes that perception to a new dimension.

I was not sure what to expect when the album opener “Landmarks” began. It starts off mysterious and ambient, building up to a point then dives right into a composition of many musical peaks and valleys, with crazy interludes and sounds that come out of nowhere. It can be purely lush at one moment with a beautiful piano piece, insane the next with the aforementioned interludes and samples coming from every direction throughout the 17- minute timeframe. “Throw Us to the Wind” uses a similar formula to balance the delicate and the insane.

The shortest piece on the album, “…And Sever Us from the Present” is a melodic and enigmatic piece that slows pace with a piano, drum and clean guitar composition that segues between the completely different sides of Tangled Thoughts of Leaving’s music.

However, there are some tracks that are pure post metal/rock. Title track “Deaden the Fields” is reminiscent of Salvation-era Cult Of Luna and if you closes your eyes, it would not be hard to bring a visual image to mind. “Deep Rivers Run Quiet” is powered by a delicate, yet driving rhythm, but at the same time invokes a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

The album closes with another epic composition, “They Found My Skull in the Nest of a Bird”, a title that is as lengthy as the song itself. It encapsulates both the crazy, out-there side with the post metal/rock side. Words can’t really describe this one, it has to be heard to be fully appreciated.

If Frank Zappa were still alive, I think he would appreciate the Deaden the Fields. Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving take the fundamentals of the post-rock/metal genre, turn it upside down and create something that makes them stand out in the stagnant world of music and prove they are could be a major player within the genre. Deaden the Fields is not for just anyone though. This is for those who have an appreciation for music and all its wonder and an understanding of something that the regular music listener will likely not grasp at all.

1. Landmarks
2. Throw Us to the Wind
3. …and Sever Us From the Present
4. Deep Rivers Run Quiet
5. Deaden the Fields
6. They Found My Skull in the Nest of a Bird