A promising debut

Perth’s Tempest Rising have been teasing their new album ever since 2012’s EP, Calm before the Storm.

Finally, after building an ever growing league of followers and appearing on several local, national and international support slots, Transmutation, the band’s debut full length album has landed. The quintet deliver a brutal mix of nu-metal, metalcore and straight up heavy metal with the structure primarily based around the vocal talents of front man Vin Trikeriotis. Vocal wise, it’s hard to think of another Australian artist offering Trikeriotis’ range as he hollers between falsettos to guttural bellows to a David Draiman-style shriek and melodic improv.

Following a bludgeoning drum and guitar instrumental listeners are hit with ‘No Remorse’, combining riff, groove metal and, of course, those vocals. ‘Dominion that Falls’ hits harder, delivering a heavy blow. The riffs are relentless throughout the album, each track offering up some stellar take offs. ‘The Descent’, one of the best, leads off with some stellar beats. Vocally impressive, the impassioned plea and width of range on show here will grip the audience. Melody ensues, though the strength behind its distribution cannot be overlooked.

‘Devil in Me’ delivers a Draiman-like shriek, perhaps a little too much of a likeness to the Distubred front man to be a coincidence. The single ‘Wretch’ closes the album with a riff that will stick in your head for days. Joint guitars swirl, drums enter the fray, the bass chugs quietly amongst more vocal harmony before the guttural rasp swells, growing and growing before unleashing, “I’m just a fucking wretch with no fucking soul”.

A promising debut and one which should garner the band towards greater and deserved notoriety both locally and nationally.

1. Intro
2. No Remorse
3. Dominion That Falls
4. My Ecstasy
5. The Descent
6. The Devil in Me
7. War
8. On Borrowed Time
9. Wretch