“Solid catchy metal at a frenetic pace”

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best. That’s the philosophy Temtris has put into practise here on Escape the Asylum, an album of unashamed, unadorned old school metal.

With a long history of fluctuating line-ups, Temtris has displayed some weakness in the past but this turns any of that around, solid catchy metal at a frenetic pace with a true maturity in both song writing and delivery.

Genevieve Rodda’s voice resonates with a gravitas that too many female metal vocalists seem to lack, turning on a powerful performance alongside the dual guitar attack of Anthony Hoffman and founding member Fox Roberts, and this is a pair who certainly know their way around a fretboard, dropping some smoking hot soloing and dual-guitar attack throughout. Wayne Campbell nails it down tight in the engine room as Temtris rip out some uncompromising and aggressive metal madness right across the board. Only “Lament”, a Goth-edged power ballad with the emphasis on the power, shows Temtris letting up on the ferocity. Tracks like “The Summoning” and “Break the Skin” add some atmospheric dimension with organs and darker, slower parts and Rodda’s voice is truly commanding on “Mindgames” and the uplifting closer “Phoenix”.

Enter the Asylum is a killer heavy metal album that buries everything Temtris has done previously.

1. R.A.M. (Random Access Memory)
2. Enter the Asylum
3. Mind Games
4. The Summoning
5. Break the Skin
6. Darkness Falling
7. Too Deep
8. Empty Room
9. Night Stalker
10. Seasons of Decay
11. Lament
12. Phoenix