Their best one yet

While their line-up has been far from stable, Temtris have slowly come into their own as one of Australia’s shining lights of pure heavy metal.

The band’s last two albums exhibited sharper and more focused direction and songwriting, finally allowing the band to show everyone what they were made of; Ritual Warfare exists as proof of what they are now capable.

Temtris albums have always been built on straight-up metal with fuel-injected riffing and big-hearted vocals, and these are delivered in spades on Ritual Warfare. Often guilty in the past of pushing everything so close to the edge it’s been in danger of falling off, this album exhibits a level of restraint and control that adds a new degree of power to their high-velocity attack.

Case in point, Genevieve Rodda has reined in her occasional tendency to over-sing, but without losing any of the resonating power of her voice. So when she really does let herself off the leash, the results are astonishing – just check out the screams she pulls off in Forever and the opening one in the title track. There’s wider use of her lower register too, a further splash of flavouring to the epic soloing and booming drums in every track across this album. Ritual Warfare doesn’t really let up from a neck-snapping pace except for a nice transition in Seven Sins of Man and the more plodding chug of Tempus Aeturnum, the only concession to the groove direction Temtris explored a little more on Rapture.

Whatever shape Temtris has taken, the songwriting core of Rodda and Fox has enabled them to continue forward, and Ritual Warfare is their best one yet.

  1. Race to the End
  2. One for All
  3. Seven Sins of Man
  4. Forever
  5. Ritual Warfare
  6. Tempus Aeturnum
  7. Erased
  8. Always United