As vital as anything anyone in hardcore has done

Hardcore music has always been vital music in way or another for me, and  Terror have always played with an urgency and passion, although the level of passion has varied.

But not on this album. Without question, this is a statement of intent as much as an energetic release of powerful music.

In and out with ten tracks in under 20 minutes makes Pain Into Power as close to perfect as this form of music was ever made to be. Tracks such as Boundless Contempt that do crack the two-minute mark feel overly long as a consequence of the stomping good times that are going on around them.

The biggest development here is the unmistakable voice of George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher on the intense Can’t Help But Hate, doing what he does best with his intimidating style bringing extra viciousness to an already striking track. This is followed with a cameo from Nails’ vocalist (and the album’s producer and original Terror guitarist) Todd Jones on The Hardest Truth.

Really though, there is just too much energy going on all at once to give some in depth account of everything that Terror are all about as a band: if you know, you know. If you don’t, then now is as good a time as any to jump head first into the pit and start skanking and moshing along to the positive chaos. This album is as vital as anything anyone in hardcore has done in a long time… sometimes meat and potatoes is all that is required.

1. Pain Into Power
2. Unashamed
3. Boundless Contempt
4. Outside the Lies
5. One Thousand Lies
6. Can’t Let It Go
7. Can’t Help But Hate
8. The Hardest Truth
9. On the Verge of Violence
10. Prepare for the Worst