No frills, straightforward hardcore

Terror are a hardcore lover’s hardcore band. Establishing themselves as a band to watch within the scene with their first album in 2004, they’ve never tried to push themselves or explore too far past their chosen scene sound.

From the opening not much has changed, as the band come crashing through the walls with ‘This World Never Wanted Me’ that starts with a standard chugging guitar line and a stomping drum beat as vocalist Scott Vogel rages over the top of the hardcore ruckus behind him.

‘Mental Demolition’ ratchets the pace and musical assault up a couple of extra notches past their normal mid paced assault. From here Terror persist at what they do best, rock solid hardcore played in just under half an hour. This is music for fans of NYHC classics such as Madball or Sick Of It All.

The only real hold up to the mosh proceedings is the out-of-place hip hop interlude ‘Post Armageddon Interlude’, a strong gangsta rap orientated track that is totally out of step with the chaotic whirlwind around it. It doesn’t help that the band’s most thrash inspired track ‘Total Retaliation’  – guitar solo and all – precedes it and it is followed by the bouncy ‘Spirit Of Sacrifice’, but even with that one oddity this is a band firing on all cylinders.

Terror leave the best until the very end though with the autobiographical ‘Resistant to the Changes’.  Like 99% of the album before it, this is hardcore how the band envisage it. This track is also different, because it is a love song to their music and scene and the passion is evident in the passionate vocals and the hard hitting music that stomps around behind it, with a made for the stage bassline and vocal shout out towards the end.

If you like your hardcore straightforward with little to no frills then this is sure to find a home resting within your ears.


  1. The World Never Wanted Me
  2. Mental Demolition
  3. Get Off My Back
  4. One More Enemy
  5. Break The Lock
  6. In Spite Of These Times
  7. Total Retaliation
  8. Post Armageddon Interlude
  9. Spirit Of Sacrifice
  10. I Don’t Know You
  11. Behind The Bars
  12. Suffer The Edge Of The Lies
  13. Resistant To The Changes