Shows promise

Hailing from Sydney’s western suburbs, Terrorential are another in a long line of Aussie metal bands ready to take up arms in the name of metal.

Not claiming to be anything but metal, although if I was asked to describe the band I would say that it is thrash, played with a certain style or flair that only Australian bands seem to be able to inject into any musical mix that is attacked.

Opening with the required cinematic intro guitar piece circa anything thrash in 1988, Prelusion sets the tone greatly for what is coming over the next hour or so. Opener proper Logical Terror is reminiscent 3 Inches Of Blood without the high falsetto vocals that sometimes got in the way. This is thrash played with that distinct Oz filter but mashes as much into a homage to the NWOBHM as it is to the Bay Area.

The first real change up in styles comes on One for One as Terrorential introduce a more melodic element while continuing their caustic thrash assault; the small change ups make for a marked and obvious difference. But it also directs attention onto another issue with the album: the song lengths. The first four tracks on the album go almost as long as some of Slayer’s best albums. Thrash should be about the intensity.

This intensity is used to great effect on Flood the World’ and the unforgiving Goddamn Thrashing, but overall the tracks just meander along for too long. This isn’t helped by the lack of production. I understand that this album will have been created on a strict budget, but in these modern times, a higher quality production should be expected. Everything just sounds muddy. It may be some kind of homage to the 80s thrash scene, but makes it hard to enjoy some of the obvious musical nuances that are going on underneath.
With all that said, local music needs your support now more than ever.

Visions shows the promise of a young band learning their craft in front of the audience, and once they rein in the running times a little and spend a few extra bucks on production, they may join the long list of Aussie talent tackling the world stage once (if) everything returns to normal touring programming.

1. Prelusiuon
2. Logical Terror
3. Warrior
4. One for One
5. Flood the Earth
6. Goddamn Thrashing
7. Dream Escape
8. I’m Fucking Drunk…!
9. Unleashed
10. Visions
11. Terrorential