Steeped in thrash tradition

Of all the ‘original’ thrash bands Testament have always been a favourite, particularly since the great patch of form that started in the early 00s with the album First Strike Still Deadly. Yes, a bunch of older tracks re-recorded, but it contains the sparks that lit the fire that has come since, slowly building a brilliant catalogue of new classics that show just how great this band has always been.

A band this steeped in thrash tradition waste no time throwing riffs about to convince the listener to wreck their neck. Children of the Next Level is as straight up and down foot to the floor as Testament gets, and the battering continues until Night Of The Witch, where Chuck Billy stretches his considerable vocal might, switching his traditional thrash grunt into a higher register and crashing into his death metal voice that he usually keeps well hidden.

City Of Angels hits a mid paced rockier feel.  It’s something of a mid-album sag, but it’s not all bad. A band writing material as strong as this struggles to assemble a bunch of bad riffs, a point proven with more mid-paced riffage in the bass led Ishtar’s Gate that weaves a Middle Eastern tone through some great guitar work. Curse of Osiris brings back the opening fire and pace, reminding the listener that the faster the thrash is, the better. The experimental Catacombs could have been left off, or at the very least stuffed somewhere on the album where it may have fitted more thematically.

Like its predecessors, Titans of Creation is all about the listening experience and is easy to peg as having a few quick opening tracks, a bit of sag around the middle (just like so many others over 30) before making a triumphant heavy return, but in reality Testament make albums to be heard in their entirety, so don’t just stream the tracks that are fast and heavy, listen from start to finish.

  1. Children of the Next Level
  2. WW III
  3. Dream Deceiver
  4. Night of the Witch
  5. City Of Angels
  6. Ishtars Gate
  7. Symptoms
  8. False Prophet
  9. The Healers
  10. Code of Hammurabi
  11. Curse of Osiris
  12. Catacombs