A stunning return

Seven years after their abrupt departure, The Amenta have found the perfect backdrop of global plague and political chaos to re-introduce the world to their nihilistic extremism.

Never a band to rest on creative laurels, Revelator is a further expansion of and deeper experimentation with their dark muse. Cain Cressal injects haunting atmospheric touches as he employs wider use of his ethereal clean singing style against the harsher elements, the contrast adding further layers to The Amenta’s already rich sonic palette.nWhile the industrial elements of their music are still apparent, it’s the blackened metal aspects that often push to the fore on Revelator, but no facet overshadows any other in the band’s meticulously crafted melange.

The thunderous death metal on An Epoch Ellipsis and the savagery of Psoriastatis re-establish the band’s already solid reputation for fury and violence amid darker hypnotic passages like the desolate Wonderlost or the grand cinematic epic Twined Towers. Theatrical, soundtrack-like elements play out across the multifarious sonic maelstrom of blast beats, swirling dark melodies spiral out and are swept away by outright speed one moment, crashing menace the next. The Amenta’s skill at conducting such wild and disparate ingredients into a frighteningly cohesive whole reaches its pinnacle with the harrowing closer Parse Over, a dramatic statement of purpose and heavy with the portent that this is far from the last the world will hear of this band.

Continuing to build on their foundations of immaculate extremity, Revelator is a stunning return from a dark wilderness.

  1. An Epoch Ellipsis
  2. Sere Money
  3. Silent Twin
  4. Psoriastasis
  5. Twined Towers
  6. Parasight Lost
  7. Wonderlost
  8. Overpast
  9. Parse Over