Musical good times!

The Bronx are a band that always feel like a back yard party.

Never afraid to switch up their style from throbbing hard rock to the melodic hardcore punk their native state of California is famous for, and if you are willing to look deep enough, their mariachi themed side project that ably blasts Mexican mariachi music like they invented it. Sure that last one isn’t to every ones taste (personally, I don’t ‘get’ it) but the fact that the band love it and are willing to put it out is all that matters. They are a punk band and there are no rules in punk, right?

If you have followed this band since they first took the world by storm in the early 00s then you have no doubt followed their pushing against the boundaries that typically define any band stomping around under the banner of punk. Opening the album with the 70s hard rock stomp of White Shadow is as good a place as any for this band to show any new listener exactly what they can be made of. This joyous rock feeling continues throughout the opening salvo of tracks peaking at punk rock hip shaker Curb Feelers, a track that has all the ruckus of their early material with some more of that hard rock salty sprinkle that has always made them a party starter. The Bronx have built their reputation on this stuff, but the last couple of albums were beginning to feel tired or stale, the sound of a band just working their way through a groove that felt like they were stuck.

Here The Bronx are back on form, laser-focused on nothing more than creating a great rock record. No matter where you cast your ears there is value to be had, whether it’s the sneaky mariachi horn section in Mexican Summer or the hardcore ferocity of Breaking News that gnashes its teeth towards the end of the album and shows that there is still plenty of bite left in the ol’ dogs yet.

This is one of those great albums where you don’t need to know what they band is about, the musical good times contained within will have you moving for the next 40 minutes of your life, like it or not.

1. White Shadow
2. Superbloom
3. Watering the Well
4. Curb Feelers
5. Peace Pipe
6. High Five
7. Mexican Summer
8. New Lows
9. Breaking News
10. Jack of All Trades
11. Participation Trophy