Could be something to watch

LA-based Sydney rock duo The Hots have certainly made the deluxe package debut EP worthy of the word “deluxe”. Along with the coloured vinyl featuring the entire program on both sides, there’s the CD version plus stickers, a badge, guitar picks and a tote bag. The only things missing are a cloth patch and an iron-on transfer.  

Guitarist Ronnie Simmons certainly has enough rock cred with his jet black hair, bold body ink and stints with the Tatts, The Art, Richie Ramone and more since cutting his teeth with sleazebags L.U.S.T. Partner in crime Foxy Kelly definitely has the pipes, but there’s more to rock and roll than looking and sounding the part. The Hots features three original tunes and a cover of ‘Nice Boys’. It’s a brave choice, as the Tatts’ original is a fantastic rock n roll tune and the best known cover is by Guns N Roses and all but definitive so anyone else who makes the attempt is already on the back foot, and The Hots can’t quite pull it off. Appropriating riffs is also a treacherous path to walk and lead-off single ‘Before You’ is so close to ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ by The Darkness that it’s impossible to overlook as anything other than a shameless steal.

It’s not a total trainwreck, however. Of the other two tracks, ‘Please Me’ is a punchy rocker with a steamin’ solo and a hard vocal attack and ‘Shame the Devil’ has a poppier edge with a huge, hooky chorus. Both offer plenty of bang for the buck with enough to show The Hots are more than just acting it out.

It’s far from perfect, but going by a track like ‘Please Me’, The Hots could be something to watch.

  1. Please Me
  2. Before You
  3. Shame the Devil
  4. Nice Boys